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As an experienced after effects compositor, Steve’s lessons taught me quite a bit extra. Not just how to work with Nuke, but also some really useful tips and theories about the magic of compositing. A special thank you goes to my assigned mentor Isa Alsup who took all the time needed to go over the assignments and who thought me a lot from his many years experience as a compositor and vfx supervisor. I advise anyone to take this course.

12 Week Nuke VFX Compositing Course

ARNE GOOSSENS Freelance AE and Nuke compositor Netherlands

Steve's Nuke VFX Compositing course is fantastic. Not only did I learn a great deal about Nuke and all the areas of compositing, but I also had a great time doing it. His method is rock solid, absolutely professional and fun.

12 Week Nuke VFX Compositing Course

CARLOS ALBERTO ALARCON Freelance vfx compositor Montreal, Canada

The more you learn the more you work.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

Steve Wright's writings and on-line courses are a tremendous resource, absolutely essential to an understanding of contemporary compositing fundamentals and issues. Steve is an excellent teacher, whose examples and explanations are always clearly presented, deeply reasoned, and apply directly to solving practical production problems. I learned a great deal from the Nuke 3D workshop.

NUKE 3D Workshop

STUART ROBERTSON Visual Effects Supervisor What Dreams May Come, The Ghost and the Darkness, The Patriot)

Steve's workshop was brilliant. Covering so much in so little time. Steve is truly a top mentor!

12 Week Nuke VFX Compositing Course

RICARDO RUIZ-FEARON Freelance VFX Compositor Porto, Portugal

The better your qualifications the better your pay.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

I wanted to thank the team at Steve Wright’s Digital FX for such a great experience and great content. As a student, the training gave me an advantage when using Nuke, enabling me to explore advance concepts because of my solid understanding of the fundamentals of Nuke. Highly recommended course, it is a great investment.

12 Week Nuke VFX Compositing Course

STEFANIE LOPEZ Freelance VFX Compositor

I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have read your book several times & was lucky enough to attend your Master's Compositing Class with the PXC last August. (Flew in from New Hampshire!!) Anyway, I got my first paying gig as a compositor last week. It all started with your class! Thanks for everything!

DAVID HACKENBURG Freelance Compositor

A better demo reel gets a better job.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

It was an honor and a privilege to learn from the best. It has been a long time since I had such a positive and effective learning experience. Your teaching methods are spot-on, and your enthusiasm made it even more exciting. It did just uncover the tip of the iceberg on compositing, and made me realize how much more I have to learn. I am very much looking forward to having you back.

LUKE VALLEE VFX Artist Rainmaker Entertainment

Productivity is the key to employment.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

Today I got a retake from the client saying the "3D Smoke FX" was having Glitch problem, then the 3D guy came running to me asking for my help to solve the problem, if it was before your training, I would have sent him back saying that it can’t be solved in compositing. But now you have given us the solution, and I solved the problem completely, I would like to show it to you tomorrow. It looks awesome. Thanks a lot you boosted up our confidence.

NISHOK A Digital Compositor Crest Animation Studios Limited

It was a pleasure to have Steve spend time with our Research and Development Community! His ability to design and deliver a customized program is a testament to his experience in solving visual effects problems with artistry and science.

MARK HENRY Director Entertainment Standards Eastman Kodak Company

Work fast to work often.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

Even advanced compositors will glean juicy bits from Steve Wrights' effort.

ANDREW WEBB Freelance Compositing Artist

What I like most like about your One-on-One-Worksop is the personal contact. Getting led by an very experienced senior visual effects artist is something what no tutorial may achieve. It's like a secret handshake.

One on One CG Society Workshop

Prof. EBERHARD HASCHE Department of Computer Science an Digital Media University of Applied Sciences - Brandenburg

With Steve Wright's in-depth Nuke VFX Compositing course I got the kick I needed to become a professional compositing artist. The tutorials and assignments where both fun and challenging. I really appreciated the skype sessions we had once a week, where Steve walked through my assignments and explained thoroughly how to solve certain problems with a shot I might have had. I now have a much better grasp of compositing with Nuke and not too long after I finished my course I got promoted to a full time compositing position in a vfx studio in Los Angeles.

12 Week Nuke VFX Compositing Course

DANIEL SVABOE Compositing artist

Team players are working players.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

I decided to follow Steve's Nuke workshop because we have to make tv promos in stereo in max 1-2 days from 3D to compositing, and using only one application to make everything really saves time. This course was money well spent! Steve was professional and very clear when he corrected my homework, even if the result was fine he always wanted to help me to find the easiest and fastest way to make the shot. He definitively does his job with passion!

3D Nuke Workshop – CG Society

DANIELE PUGNI 3D Generalist SKY 3D - SKY Italia s.r.l.

Steve's 3D Nuke workshop is one of the best training classes I have taken and I have taken quite a few in my 20 years doing visual effects. Steve has beyond a thorough understanding of visual effects and a complete understanding of Nuke. His classes, explanations, tutorials and assignments give in depth information, but at a level anyone can understand. He is very good about answering specific questions when they arise. I would highly recommend Steve for any visual effects training, but especially Nuke training.

3D Nuke Workshop – CG Society

DAVY NETHERCUTT Digital Compositor/Artist Seven Crows VFX, Los Angeles, Ca. (

Although I had some experience with Nuke, I wanted to finally learn proper compositing fundamentals and create a sound foundation for my compositing career. I had been reading books and they were helpful, but what I really was interested in was one on one mentoring with a compositing pro. Working with Steve was a joy and I learned exactly what I had set out to and more. The sessions were invaluable and well worth the investment in my skill set. If you are serious about starting your career in VFX or are simply stuck on certain concepts, I highly recommend his services.

12 Week Nuke VFX Compositing Course

MARC KEEN Roto/Paint Artist CBS Digital

Know your tools to know success.

Steve Wright Director of Education FX Ecademy

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