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FX Ecademy is the brainchild of 25+ year Hollywood VFX veteran and pioneer, Steve Wright.
Compositing & VFX Expert

Steve has perfected many visual effects compositing techniques during his accomplished vfx career that he has shared in his two popular books on compositing: Digital Compositing for Film and Video, which is the industry bible for the sitting compositor, and Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the Aspiring Artist, which is a primer about the world of visual effects.

Teacher of Thousands

Steve began teaching visual effects full time in 2005 and has since trained thousands of VFX artists around the world in professional visual effects packages such as Nuke, Shake and Cineon.  He has taken his years of real-world compositing experience to design compositing courses that use a unique training paradigm to help our students internalize the lessons better than conventional teaching methods.

Advanced Methods

and Personal Engagement

Our online mentored courses are one-on-one (no classmates) and are self-paced with one of our award winning 20+ year veterans at your side to play the role of your Comp Super to answer your questions and provide feedback on best techniques to help you become a better compositor.

We provide 1 on 1 Mentoring and Shot Consultation with our CompCoach™ service

Start learning the art

of visual effects compositing today!


In Demand Training

and Superior Courseware

With crystal clear tutorials backed up by appropriate reading assignments and hands-on exercises the student comes away with an in-depth understanding of all the learning points. When VFX companies, educational institutions and corporations want hands-on VFX training and courseware they come to Steve!

Our Faculty

Meet some of the members of our esteemed team

Steve Wright

Director of Education
  • 20+ year VFX veteran
  • VFX Supervisor, Compositor, Artist
  • Software: Nuke®

Steve Wright, our founder, is an award winning Senior Visual Effects Artist & Pioneer with over 25 years of production experience...

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Diane Wright

Director of Administration
  • 20+ year Post veteran
  • Post Supervisor, Editor, Technical Writer
  • Software: Final Cut Pro®

Diane Wright, our Director of Administration. She has been Steve’s business partner for over 15 years.  In 2006, Diane joined...

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Isa Alsup

Senior Mentor
  • 20+ year VFX veteran
  • VFX Supervisor, Compositor, Designer
  • Software: Nuke®, After Effects®

Isa Alsup, our Senior Mentor, is a visual effects supervisor, compositor, cg artist, and award-winning graphic designer, whose...

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