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NUKE 3D Compositing


This 6 week Nuke VFX Compositing course is designed for artists that are already familiar with Nuke 2D compositing and want to learn Nuke 3D compositing. This course is produced by Steve Wright and conforms to the latest industry standards to prepare artists for work in today’s visual effects industry.

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The 6 week Nuke 3D Compositing course is a very thorough course covering all aspects of Nuke 3D visual effects compositing including 3D basics, 3D object transformations and deformations, materials and textures, and lighting and cameras. Topics include how to import and export 3D objects to other apps such as After Effects or Modo, normals relighting, UV projection, how to set up hierarchical 3D objects, and managing motion blur. The last week is a spectacular survey of several classic 3D workflows such as camera projection, rig removal, and set extension.

This course is fully mentored and self-paced so you can start any time and even pause if work or life interferes. Each week you gain access to about 2 hours of award-winning tutorials by Steve Wright, do the reading assignments in the Nuke Manual and Steve’s book Digital Compositing for Film and Video (4th edition), turn in a weekly assignment then meet with your mentor over Skype for a half-hour to go over your assignment and answer any questions.

Your mentor will be a 20+ year veteran of visual effects compositing and able to answer any Nuke or production questions you may have. He will also share his production experience with tips, tricks, and techniques that you will use daily on the job.

By special arrangement with the Foundry, FXEcademy students are qualified to purchase a fully-featured 90 day student NukeX license directly from the Foundry for only $90. Attendees will need to purchase Steve’s book if they don’t have it already.

Exercises Are Fantastic!

Great exercises Steve, I'm learning a lot and I feel great about using the 3D in Nuke!

Javier Sempere Student Freelance
Best Nuke 3D Class Ever!

Steve's 3D Nuke workshop is one of the best training classes I have taken in my 20- years of doing visual effects. Steve has beyond a thorough understanding of visual effects and a complete understanding of Nuke. His classes, explanations, tutorials and assignments give in depth information, but at a level anyone can understand. He is very good about answering specific questions when they arise. I would highly recommend Steve for any visual effects training, but especially Nuke training.

Davy Nethercutt Digital Compositor/Artist Seven Crows VFX
Learned a Lot!

Thank You Steve! I'm gaining so much from the class! When are you doing the compositing in 2D class again? I didn't get a chance to take that one yet but I really want to!

Dean Deakyne Student
Nuke 3D Compositing Enlightenment!

Steve Wright's writings and on-line courses are a tremendous resource, absolutely essential to an understanding of contemporary compositing fundamentals and issues. Steve is an excellent teacher, whose examples and explanations are always clearly presented, deeply reasoned, and apply directly to solving practical production problems. I learned a great deal from the Nuke 3D workshop!

Stuart Robertson Visual Effects Supervisor
Learn Essentials of 3D Nuke Compositing in 6 Weeks !


Course Length: 6 lessons / one per week

Commitment: 4-5 hours per week for study & assignments

Certificate: You will receive a certificate of your achievement upon completion.

One on one personal mentoring

Each week meet with your mentor live online to answer questions and review your assignments.

30 minutes

scheduled with mentor.

Computer and Software

You will need a NUKE-ready computer with 2 to 3 Gb storage.

Internet service and Skype with microphone are needed for one on one mentoring.

A Special Student discount for you!

A 12 week NUKE™ license can be purchased through our student discount program.

Upon admission, the student may purchase a 12 week license directly from the Foundry, $90.

FXEcademy will verify your enrollment and qualify you for your student discount!

Your Desktop Guide

Certificate of Completion

Upon course completion, you will receive a handsome certificate documenting your achievement.

Course Outline

Week 7 – 3D Basics
  • Overview of Nuke’s 3D world
  • How to set up a 3D scene
  • 3D geometric primitives
  • Using the 3D Viewer
  • Rendering a 3D scene
Week 8 – 3D Geometry
  • Importing and Exporting 3D scene elements
  • Creating point clouds from images
  • Object display properties
  • 3D selection tools
  • Modifying 3D objects
Week 9 – Materials and Textures
  • Adding material properties to geometry
  • The Phong Shader
  • Merging shaders
  • UV Projection
  • Camera Projection Node
Week 10 – Lighting and Cameras
  • Adding Lights
  • Casting Shadows
  • Normals Relighting
  • Working with Cameras
  • Importing Cameras
Week 11 – Transforming Objects
  • On-screen transform manipulators
  • Editing transforms and pivot points
  • Parenting objects
  • Animating geometry
  • Adding motion blur
Week 12 – 3D Production Workflows
  • Adding a 3D Background
  • Camera Projection
  • The Pan-n-Tile method
  • Rig removal
  • Set Extension


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Our NUKE compositing courses can prepare you to professionally operate Nuke which takes you a long way towards working in the visual effects industry. However, to get a job in the industry you will need more than just the knowledge of Nuke. You will also need to learn the art and science of compositing visual effects as well as to build a professional demo reel and website. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate to present to potential employers, but FXEcademy does not offer job placement.


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