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All About Color For Digital Artists


An informative 2 hour streaming webinar for digital artists who want a better understanding of what happens when color hits the computer.  Covering color theory, color terminology and concepts, color display, and best color practices for quality images.  In four lessons.

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An informative 2 hour streaming webinar designed specifically for digital artists who want a better understanding of what happens when color hits the computer.  All About Color for Digital Artists is a pre-recorded on demand webinar. The webinar is divided into 4 parts of about 30 minutes each for easier viewing. 

The webinar is broken into 4 parts of approximately 30 minutes each.

Topics covered in include:

Part 1: the basics of color theory and key terminology

In part 1 we will be focusing on color theory, both additive and subtractive, plus defining several key color terms for use in the rest of the webinar.

Part 2: an understanding of core color concepts

Part 2 reveals what luminance and chrominance are and why it appears everywhere in digital color. You will also learn about histograms and what they tell us about digital images as well as color grading and secondary color correction.

Part 3: how color gets clobbered in the computer

Part 3 solves the problem of clipping, reveals what gamut and color space is and how it explains why your pictures look different on different types of displays.

Part 4: what you can do to protect the quality of your images

Part 4 solves the riddle of monitor gamma, explains bit depth and its effect on image quality, the different compression schemes, and finished up with HDR images. So let’s get started.

Students Love This Course!

"Steve is remarkable industry trainer, his in-depth knowledge of visual effects and ability to explain complex technical concepts made the Nuke class extremely valuable and a delightful experience. Thank you Steve and Diane!"

Jarmila Seflova film-compositor Studio 11211

“Thanks so much for teaching this class! I really appreciate your clear and concise teaching style as it made following along that much easier. I've gained a solid foundation of Nuke and feel comfortable enough to start mixing it into our pipeline. Well worth the money!”

Colin Trenter Senior VFX Artist Autofuss
Learn all about color

Course Length: 4 lessons / about 2 hours


View at your own pace

This webinar is divided into four lessons, about 30 minutes each.  Set your own schedule and pace.

Your Desktop Guide

Course Outline

Week 1 – The Nuke Interface
  • Navigating the interface
  • Building Node Graphs
  • Creating key frames
  • The Curve Editor
Week 2 – Transformations and Animation
  • Keyframe animation
  • Math expressions and linking
  • Creating animated elements
  • Correcting for lens distortion
Week 3 – Color and Rotoscoping
  • Nuke’s color management
  • Color correcting composites
  • Rotoscoping
  • Masking operations
Week 4 – Compositing CGI and Channels
  • Mastering Nuke’s channels system
  • Multi-pass CG compositing
  • Adding motion blur
  • Adding depth of field
Week 5 – Keying
  • Lumakeys
  • Nuke’s chromakeyers
  • Proper use of Addmix and Keymix nodes
  • How to merge multiple keys
Week 6 – Tracking, Warping and Retiming
  • The Tracker node
  • How to do a match move
  • Spline warp and Grid warp
  • Retiming clips with optical flow


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