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Fish Maiden


Demonstrate your unique visual effects talent with this monster two shot kit that will challenge you to blend CGI with live action to create a magical transition from a maiden to an enchanted Koi.

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Difficulty: Very Difficult
Skills: Action rotoscoping, Color correction, Multi-pass CGI compositing, Clean plate construction
Frames: 185
File Size: 6.7 GB
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The Fish Maiden consists of two back-to-back shots, FM-01 and FM-02, which together tells the story of a maiden magically becoming an enchanted Koi - as told by your artistic skills. The closeup in FM-01 starts the transition from swirling maiden to fish, then the wide shot in FM-02 completes the transition to a full body of an enchanted Koi that swims away. Plenty of challenges for rotoscoping, multi-pass CGI compositing, image blending and color correction. Crop the final comp to a 1.85 aspect ratio.

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