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  • Photorealistic Lens FX

    • Photorealistic Lens FX - $29.00

    How to create a dozen different photorealistic lens FX for your VFX shots such as chromatic aberration and filter flares, the correct math for compositing them, and the proper layering order.

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  • Working in Linear

    • Working in Linear - $29.00

    What the linear workflow is and how to set it up for compositing visual effects regardless of what app you are using.

  • Color Spaces of the VFX Pipeline

    The way to think of the VFX color pipeline is as a sequence of operations where the data is depleted at each step, but by starting with high quality data and properly managing the VFX pipeline you can ensure that your VFX not only look great on the intended display device, but will also be future-proofed to look good on display devices of the future.

  • Create Job Winning Demo Reels with ShotKits™

    We VFX artists live in a catch-22 situation when it comes to demo reels. We need to make demo reels to show our work, but the studios won’t let us have the plates. We are forced to rip DVD’s and simply add notes when what we really need to do is show shot breakdowns with […]

  • Google Stadia - The Total Game Changer

    I actually started entertaining people with pixels in the early 80’s when I worked at Atari as a video game programmer. Even though I now work in feature film visual effects, I have always watched with fatherly pride as the video game industry grew up, intermarried with the visual effects industry, and reached astonishing heights […]

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  • Why, Oh Why, Premultiply?

    In all my travels to conduct Nuke training around the world, one of the most vexing topics I am asked to clarify is premultiply and unpremultiply. Amazingly, the confusion actually starts with the name – premultiply. At least if a more descriptive name had been chosen we would find the subject less confusing. So how […]

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